AL BOWLLY Mp3 Player


This mp3 player is under review. Any suggestions for improvements are welcome.

  • The player holds all the mp3 files on this website. The tracks are arranged in folders which are not quite yet in chronological order.
  • The player will remember each track played marking a stroke through it once played. You may need to clear your browser cache to clear the stroke.
  • The Auto button is ON my default and the player will automatically play the next track. It will continue playing tracks through all the folders. You can turn the Auto button OFF if you want to only play one track or simply pause the player.
  • The loop button will keep playing the same track over again.
  • The shuffle button will play tracks in each folder at random.
  • The speed bar will allow the user to slow down or speed up the track. Quite handy for some early recordings which were not standardised at 78rpm.
  • Please contact me if the player does not work in your browser.