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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
432 You Forgot Your Gloves Roy Fox ahb Ned Lehak (Lehac)/Edward Eliscu w/m `31 London October 7, 1931 GB-3390-2 Dec F-2582 As above.

You Forgot Your Gloves

You Forgot Your Gloves

(Ned Lehak (Lehac)/ Edward Eliscu)

Roy Fox and his Band

You forgot your gloves
When you kissed me and said, "Good-night"
So I've brought them, you see
But don't thank me
It's quite all right

You forgot your gloves
And I hope you appreciate
I'm not honest at all
It's just a stall
For one more date

What a souvenir to steal from you
And conceal from you, but then
There's a chance if you receive them, Dear
That you'll leave them, Dear, again

Now forget your heart
If you're really the kind who loves
Then you'll part with it, too
The way that you forgot your gloves