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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
411 What's keeping my Prince Charming Roy Fox ahb Aberta Nichols Mann Holiner London September 3, 1931 GB-3171-2 Dec F-2487 As above. Al Bowlly (guitar), Ella Logan and Roy Fox (vocals)

What's keeping my Prince Charming

What's keeping my Prince Charming

(Aberta Nichols / Mann Holiner)

Roy Fox and his Band

Verse (spoken by Roy Fox)
Here's a little story that my Mam used to tell
When I was a piccaninny, I remember well
Of a sad and lonely maiden
Who never knew love or laughter

Then one bright and sunny day, there came at lightning speed
A brave and handsome prince a ridin' on a snow white steed
And he carried her off to his Castle
Where they lived happy ever after

There's a handsome prince for every girl, she'd say
Who will come some day and carry her away
Now I'm not happy what she said is so
But there's one thing, she'd like to know

Chorus (Ella Logan)

What's keeping my Prince Charming
I've been waiting patiently
It's getting most alarming
Now, where can he be

It's might be aggravating
Would you call that chivalry
Keep an old lady waiting
Oh, where can he be

I'm that fussed and weary
Wish that he would hurry
I'm afraid that when he comes
Gotta have a run-in
And a bit of funnin'
Sitting alone, twiddling your thumbs

What's keeping my Prince Charming
Has he got me up a tree
It's getting alarming
Goodness, where can he be.

Lyrics supplied by Mark Thompson