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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
91 Up In The Clouds Percival Mackey & his Concert Orchestra Harry Ruby Bert Kalmar `27 London c. April 1929 1783 1-2 Piccadilly 264, Metropole 1141, Octacros 291, Curry 264 As above. Piccadilly 264 as The Ever-Bright Boys; 1784 Metropole rejected - Take 2 was issued

Take 2

Unreleased take 1

Up In The Clouds
Up In The Clouds
Up In The Clouds-curry

Up In The Clouds

(Harry Ruby / Bert Kalmar)

Unreleased takes 1, supplied courtesy of Chas Cox

Also on youtube:

Percival Mackey & his Concert Orchestra

(Thanks to Sam R for the correct lyrics)

I don't know the time, the place or the season
But, I know that i'm loosing my reason
I'm falling in love, and when I'm in love
I'm up in the clouds

I never knew up till the present, skies were so blue
Life was so pleasant, I'm treading on air
I'm having a care
I'm up in the clouds

I can't sleep, so I keep counting the stars above
Though, they knew all night through what I was thinking of
There'll come a time. June is the season
The ding-dong will chime, you are the reason
The reason that i'm right off my mind
And head over heels in love