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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
745 That's My Home Nat Gonella & his Trumpet (Rhythmic Accompaniment) Ellison / Rene / Rene w/m `32 London March 3, 1933 GB-5628-2 Dec F-3531 As above.

That's My Home

That's My Home

(Ellison / Rene / Rene)

Nat Gonella & his Trumpet (Rhythmic Accompaniment)

Nat Gonella vocals. Al Bowlly on guitar

When the sun sits in the sky
Flowers never die
When friends don't pass you by
Say, that's my home

Where the folks say "How'd you do"
Bet, they mean it too
Where man in love is true
Yes, that's my home

I'm always welcome back
No matter where I roam
It's just a little shack
But, it's home sweet home

Where the Swanee river flows
And the shady pine trees roll
I need to say no more
Cos, that's my home