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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
29 Rosy Cheeks Arthur Brigg's Savoy Syncop's Orchestra Harry Squires Richard A. Whiting / Seymour Simons Berlin c. September-October 1927 694bd; B-41893 DG 21127, Pol 21127 Bowlly Vocal
Rosy Cheeks. Looking for image of label. If you have the 78 for sale, please contact me. Thanks.

Rosy Cheeks

(Harry Squires? / Richard E. Whiting / Seymour Simons) 1927

Arthur Brigg's Savoy Syncop's Orchestra

Rosy Cheeks
Where you going with those Rosy Cheeks
I've been chasing you for weeks and weeks
Rosy Cheeks
You surely got me going , my love for you is growing
Rosy Cheeks
Way you smile a little dimple tease at me
It seems to say, beware, but I don't care
I love you Rosy Cheeks