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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
131 My Angel Mother Linn Milford & his Hawaiian Singers H.Leon /D.Silver / M.Beresford w/m `29 London July 2, 1930 WAR-235-2 Regal MR-128, Regal G-20825 Duet with Les Allen.

My Angel Mother

My Angel Mother

(H.Leon / D.Silver / M.Beresford) 1929

Linn Milford & his Hawaiian Singers.
Al Bowlly duet with Les Allen

Faith takes it's toll on every loved one
Memories stay behind
Mother dear, though you've gone from here
Your love is still in my mind

Wherever I roam, Whatever, I do
I'll always think of you my angel mother
Now, we're apart
I miss all the love you gave to me
As you gave to your mother

When I'm feeling blue
And time turns to grey
I look up to you
And feel i'm on my way
For now you are gone
I still wander on with everything?
Of you my angel mother