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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
185 Lonely Little Vagabond Phantom Players A.Croom-Johnson / Len Fillis w/m `31 London November 3, 1930 GB-2177-2 Dec F-2144 THE PHANTOM PLAYERS: A Len Fillis Band. Len Fillis (guitar, steel (Hawaiian) guitar, director; ? (trumpet); ? (2 clarinets); ? (2 violins); Al Bowlly (guitar, vocal); ? (string bass). Chelsea, London, November 3, 1930.

Lonely Little Vagabond

Lonely Little Vagabond

(A.Croom-Johnson / Len Fillis)

Phantom Players

Bowlly on guitar and vocals

Lonely Little Vagabond
Why are you blue
Lonely Little Vagabond
Someone loves you
Wipe the little tears away
Glee will come to you one day
Hope when you yearn to say
I love you, Love you
Hear us little vagabond
Please don't be sad
All the lonely years have passed
You should be glad
Keep in mind the happy days
When you hear your sweetheart say
Lonely Little Vagabond
I Love You