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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
1057 Le Touquet Ronnie Munro aho Tolchard Evans w/m `37 London July 17, 1937 OEA-5060-2 HMV BD-5242 Ronnie Munro (directing); Max Goldberg (trumpet); Ted Heath (trombone); Harry Karr (alto sax, flute); E. 0. Pogson (clarinet, alto sax, oboe); Freddy Gardner, George Evans (clarinet, tenor sax); Reg. Pursglove, Jean Pougnet (violins); Billy Munn (piano); George Elliott (guitar); Dick Ball (string bass); Jack Simpson (drums, bells, marimba); Al Bowlly (vocals).

Le Touquet

Le Touquet

(Tolchard Evans)

Ronnie Munro and his Orchestra

You make a trip to Paris
To meet Tom, Dick and Harry
But next time you reach Calais
Travel North

You'll know you reached Le Touquet
When to all the lads you say
"Lets have a drink and you pay"
We all know

I'm one of the lads of Le Touquet
I'm just a smasher at croquet
I win their dollars
And they get limp collars
When all the old buffers , I play

I'm one of the lads of Le Touquet
At indoor sports too, I'm OK
With the Dutchess, the minx
I have played tiddly-winks
I'm one of the lads of Le Touquet