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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
81 If I Had You Fred Elizalde & his Music Ted Shapiro /J.Campbell Reg Connelly `28 London November 21, 1928 BB-146-1 Brunswick 3948 London, c. November 21, 1928. Fred Elizalde (arranger, director); Chelsea Quealey, Norman Payne, Nobby Knight (trumpet); Bobby Davis (clarinet, soprano & alto sax); Harry Hayes (clarinet, alto sax); Rex Owen, Jack Miranda, George Smith (tenor sax); Adrian Rollini bass sax, goofus, hot fountain pen, vibraphone); George Hurley, Ben Frankel, Len Lees (violin); Jack Russin (piano); Len Fillis (banjo, guitar); Mario Lorenzi (harp); Tiny Stock (tuba, string bass); Ronnie Gubertini (drums); Al Bowlly (vocals). Other side King Soloman and his mines- Avalon town

If I Had You

If I Had You

(Ted Shapiro /J.Campbell & Reg Connelly) 1928

Fred Elizalde & his Music

I could show the world how to smile
I could be glad, all of the while
I could change the gray skies to blue
If I had you

I could leave the old days behind
Leave all my pals, I'd never mind
I could start my life anew
If I had you

I could climb a snow-capped mountain
Sail the mighty ocean wide
I could cross the burning desert
If I had you by my side

I could be a king, dear, uncrowned
Humble or poor, rich or renowned
There is nothing I couldn't do
If I had you