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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
981 I'm Misunderstood Ray Noble and His Orchestra Emile Ricca Mary Ricca Compton `35 New York April 24, 1935   Jazz Archives JA-22 (LP), Memory Lane MLMCD024 (CD) Radio Transcription

I'm Misunderstood
I'm Misunderstood
I'm Misunderstood

I'm Misunderstood

(Emile Ricca / Mary Ricca Compton)

Ray Noble and His Orchestra

I should whisper I adore you
Just as any lover would
But I'm always shy before you
'cos I'm misunderstood

When I try a real proposal
Try to say the things I should
Words are not at my disposal
So, what is the good, I'm misunderstood

When I sing a love song tender
Maybe I should knock on wood
Just to make your heart surrender
If I could

Surely now my eyes betray it
I know I'm in love for good
But until my lips can say it
I'm misunderstood

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