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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
935 Driftin' Tide Ray Noble and His Orchestra Pat Castleton / Spencer Williams w/m `34 London July 18, 1934 OB-7451-1 HMV B-6511, Victor 25006 As above. **

Driftin' Tide

Driftin' Tide

(Pat Castleton / Spencer Williams)

Ray Noble and His Orchestra

All alone
I stand and watch the ocean roll to bemoan
Because the blues have got control

All alone
I stand with misery in my soul
Driftin' Tide

All the night
I walk the shore to ease my mind
What a plight
To be the one whose left behind
It's not right
Because no peace at all I'll find
Driftin' Tide

She went away
Without a warning
And now my hearts in pain
I wonder with each day that's dawning
Shall I ever get her back again

I just cry
Whenever morning comes around
I heave a sigh
Whenever evening sun goes down
That is why
Close by the ocean, I'll be found
Driftin' Tide