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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
376 Coal Black Mammy NMDO Ivy St Helier Laddie Cliff `21 London July 14, 1931 OB-1284-1-2 HMV B-3944 Victor B-3944 Tunes Of Not-So-Long-Ago-1921. Ray Noble (piano) directing Max Goldberg, Bill Shakespeare (trumpets); Tony Thorpe and probably Jock Fleming (trombone); Laurie Payne (clarinet,, alto and baritone saxophones); Harry Hines (clarinet and alto saxophone); George Smith and Bob Wise (tenor saxophone); violins probably Hugo Rignold, Reg. Leopold and Nobby Clarke; Harry Jacobson (piano); Ben Thomas (guitar/banjo); Jack Evetts (string bass); Bill Harty (drums); Al Bowlly (vocal). Small Queen’s Hall, London, July 14, 1931

Coal Black Mammy
Coal Black Mammy Take 1

Coal Black Mammy

(Ivy St Helier / Laddie Cliff)

Take 1 exists on test pressing. Take 1 audio missing here.

New Mayfair Dance Orchestra

'Cause I'm goin', yes I'm goin' with a love that's ever growin'
To that coal-black mammy o' mine
Not a cent, not a cent
An' my clothes are only lent

All the same she'll think I'm just fine
How I've dream'd, how I've schem'd
An at time it almost seem'd
That the sun would never, never shine
That's why I'm goin', yes, I'm goin'
Mighty soon I'll be hullo'in
To that coal-black mammy o'mine