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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
499 A Faded Summer Love AB acc. by pno Phil Baxter w/m `31 London January 13, 1932 14126-1 EBW 5470 Probably Harry Hudson, piano.

A Faded Summer Love

A Faded Summer Love

(Phil Baxter)

Al Bowlly accompanied by piano

Leaves come tumbling down round my head
Some of them are brown some are red
Beautiful to see, but reminding me
Of a faded summer love

Swaying high above in the trees
They were so in love with the breeze
Now the autumn wind brings to them the end
Of a faded summer love

I'm like the poor leaves that swayed with the breeze
I thought that life was sweet
You are the sweet breeze that tried hard to please
Then swept me off my feet

Summer morning dew turn to frost
Leaves that once were new pay the cost
Beautiful to see but reminding me
Of a faded summer love

You left today but you didn't say goodbye
I wonder why
I'm standing now where you made your vow
So blue for you I could cry