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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
361 I'll Keep You In My Heart Always Jack Leon ahb Julio C.Sanders / Kennedy C.Vedani `32 London June 24, 1931 4384-2 Piccadilly 788 As above.

I'll Keep You In My Heart Always

I'll Keep You In My Heart Always

(Kennedy / Julio C.Sanders / C.Vedani)

Jack Leon and his Band

While southern skies are gleaming
And Spanish eyes are beaming
A love sick Calvarias
Now makes he's fond of you
He whispers senorita, my own
I vow to be true, so wait for me, I'll return to you

Whatever falls?
I'll always keep you in my heart, dear
For, I adore you with true devotion
While there's a star
To share the silvery light above you
While there's a sun and moon
I'll never cease to love you

One night in summer
As the moonbeams trip the roses
I'll sing my love song
Beneath your window
When I return to hold you in my arms forever
Till then I'll keep you in my heart, always