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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
146 A Bench In The Park Harry Hudson's Melody Men Milton Ager Jack Yellen `30 London c. September 1930 12964-1-2 EBW 5160 Harry Hudson (director); Max Goldberg, Murray Dempsey (trumpets); Ben Oakley (trombone); Sid Phillips (clarinet, alto & baritone sax, arrangements); Ken Warner (soprano & alto sax); George Melachrino (clarinet, tenor-sax); Annunzio Mantovani and/or others (violins); Jean Pâques (piano); Bill Herbert (banjo); Bill Busby (tuba); Sam Webber (drums); Al Bowlly, Les Allen (vocals). Duet with Les Allen; both takes believed issued under the same catalogue number.

A Bench In The Park

A Bench In The Park

(Milton Ager / Jack Yellen) 1930

Harry Hudson's Melody Men
Duet with Les Allen. Take-1 top Take-2 bottom

A bench in the park, unromantic and plain
That bench in the park can be our lovers lane
The glimmering light of a lamp for a moon
A cold dreary night, but in our hearts there is June

A lone little bird in the branches above
Is plantively heard serenading his love
And what more do we need, you and I in the dark
A bench in the park